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In a recent update, Google has announced that it will be depreciating the official AdSense plugin for WordPress in May 2017, replacing it with the features like automatic ad formats for WordPress publishers.
Here is the proposed timeline on how this update will be rolled out…

  1. Early March, 2017: New publishers will not be able to sign up for AdSense by using the plugin.
  2. Early April, 2017: Existing publishers will not be able to change their ad settings or ad units through the plugin.
  3. Early May, 2017: Google will no longer provide support for the plugin.


Who Will be affected ?

If you’re currently using the AdSense Plugin for your WordPress site, then yes you’re affected by this change. After the plugin has been deprecated, you will no longer be able to edit your ad settings or ad units directly through the AdSense Plugin.

What can I do now?
To be able to make changes to your ad units, you should follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Back up your WordPress site.
  2. Deactivate the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress.
  3. Create and place ad units by inserting the ad code in WordPress widgets:
  4. Go to Adsense.
  5. Visit my ads page.
  6. Create a new ad unit.
  7. Paste the ad code directly into text widgets in WordPress.
  8. Make sure your site stays compliant with the AdSense ad placement policies.
  9. Remove the official AdSense plugin completely.
  10. To keep using the Google Search Console, make sure you verify your site. (But this is totally optional)

What will happen if i do nothing?

If you do not take immediate action, there will be no change to your ad settings as they’re stored in your WordPress site. Your existing ads and layouts will be unaffected and ads will continue to serve but you won’t be able to edit the position of your ads.


However, we recommend that you switch to using QuickStart or ad units, so you can make changes to your ads in future.


What is QuickStart?

If you’re an affected publisher, you must have received an email from us that suggests using QuickStart. QuickStart is a new page-level ad format that Google will be rolling out. For more information, see how to use QuickStart.

Will my earning be impacted by this update?
No. Your existing ads will continue to serve so your earnings will not be affected, but you won’t be able to edit the position of your ads.
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